Fundraiser for Timothy Two National Missionary Partners in Latin America

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

In every nation where I have completed teaching all four workshops – Cuba, Belize, Peru and El Salvador – God has called one or two pastors (and some of their wives) to travel to other villages, towns and cities in their own nation to train more pastors.

But now we need help to fund their work. All of our current donors are giving to the account called “Sonnenberg” to support our training the first generation of pastors and ministry leaders in each nation.

In order for these “National Missionary Partners” to train the second generation of pastors, we need a separate stream of donations flowing into the account called “Latin America.” 

Below I explain who they are, what they do, and the significant benefits of utilizing these indigenous pastors to help us achieve our goal of training pastors where there is little or no formal theological education available.

Support National Missionary Partners in Latin America

Latin American National Missionary Partners

Husband and wife Leo Padrino and Esdras Richardson taught a complete series of four workshops in Las TunasCUBA last year. And they plan to teach a new series of four workshops in BaracoaCUBA beginning in February 2020. 

What is a Latin American National Missionary Partner, and what do they do?

  • A “National Missionary Partner” is an indigenous pastor who has completed the series of four Timothy Two workshops and who is sent to other towns and cities in his own country to teach those workshops to other groups of pastors.
  • We call them “national” missionaries because they serve among their own people.
  • We call them missionary “partners” because they extend our ability to reach other pastors within each country. 

Helmuth Aguilar serves in Chile and El Salvador. His wife is Hilda. He taught two workshops each in Osorno and LlanquihueCHILE and two workshops in Santa TeclaEL SALVADOR last year. He will teach two more workshops in each place beginning in January 2020. 

What are the advantages of sending National Missionary Partners? 

  • their travel expenses are lower than ours because they normally use local means of transportation instead of flying
  • there is no need or expense for an interpreter because they already speak the local language
  • they are already familiar with the people and their culture so that the teaching is properly contextualized
  • they enable me to establish the work in new nations knowing that the work continues in theirs

Husband and wife Luis Rojas Espinoza and Lily Barrenechea Damián serve in the jungle highlands of PERU. They and their team have taught one workshop for pastors and one workshop for children’s ministry leaders. They plan to teach two more workshops in San Antonio de Sonomoro and Cashingarani, PERU beginning in February or March 2020. 

What does it cost to send a National Missionary Partner? 

  • A donation of $45 provides one three-day workshop for one pastor
  • $450 provides one three-day workshop for 10-15 pastors, and
  • $1800 provides a complete series of four workshops for 10-15 pastors.
  • Thsy is one-third of the cost for me to go and teach a workshop!  

Leonel De La Rosa lives in Belize and serves in NICARAGUA. His wife’s name is Dinora. He is scheduled to teach a new series of four workshops in ManaguaNICARAGUA beginning in January 2020. 

Will you pray that God would raise up new donors to fund our National Missionary Partners? 

Perhaps in response, God will speak to someone about the spiritual poverty and subsequent need for sound theology in this region where there is still much religious syncretism such as Haitian Vodou, Cuban Santeria, Brazilian Umbanda and Peruvian huacas, as well as errant Prosperity theology.

Or perhaps God will speak to someone who has traveled to this region about the financial poverty outside the resort areas. That is where literally thousands of pastors work full-time jobs in addition to their church responsibilities and thus do not have the time or financial provision to leave their job to attend an expensive or distant seminary.

Reynaldo Rubio serves in coastal PERU. His wife’s name is Nery. He plans to teach a new series of four workshops in ChiclayoPERU beginning in January 2020. 

Will you help fund our National Missionary Partners? 

You may make monthly or one-time donations online or by check exclusively for the work of our National Missionary Partners in Latin America by clicking the link below. Every donation will help meet a critical need for up to 85 pastors pastors in 2020 who desperately desire sound theological training. All donations are tax-deductible.

Support National Missionary Partners in Latin America

Joseph Lucien serves in Haiti. His wife’s name is Rousse. They operate an orphanage with thirty children, a Christian school and he pastors a local church in the city of Jacmel. Because of the recent civil unrest I (Dan) was not able to return. So Lucien is planning to teach Workshop 4 in February.

For more information, see Timothy Two’s website or contact me at


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