Old Testament Exegesis: An Analysis of 2 Chronicles 15:1-9

By Daniel L. Sonnenberg

As Christians, we have received a measure of God’s blessing in our deliverance from sin and death by Christ on the cross. For some Christians, that is as far as they want to go. However, that is not God’s will for our lives. Scripture urges us to continue to press forward in a life of obedience. As we continue to seek to obey God’s will in our lives, he blesses us for the purpose of expanding His kingdom on earth. We have the high calling as co-participants in Christ’s rule and reign of the earth that will one day be fully completed.  In 2 Chronicles  15:1-19, the Chronicler sought to convince his audience that a life of obedience to God is rewarded by God’s blessing. Continue reading “Old Testament Exegesis: An Analysis of 2 Chronicles 15:1-9”