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The Paradox of Recovery

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

Juan Stam wrote in a blog on 5/25/20, “The paradox of a pandemic is that, if the people keep the quarantine disciplined, the infected cases and the number of deaths are reduced, making some then think that the confinement had been unnecessary.   Don’t you realize that the reduction in cases is precisely the result of distancing? That is the desired consequence.” (juanstam.com)

This reminds me of my current recovery from hip replacement surgery. If I “take it easy,” my recovery goes well without pain. But if when my pain has subsided for some time and I “overdo it” by taking on projects in the house or yard that are too physically demanding, I fall back in my recovery experiencing pain and limping for several or more days. So I have to keep reminding myself to follow the advice of those who have done this before to effect a long lasting painless recovery.

Perhaps this is a true principle of other recovery efforts.