Workshop Courses Offered

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

Timothy Two Project International offers workshops in foundational Christian doctrines and practical theology for pastors and ministry leaders as well as a workshop for children’s ministry leaders. All the workshops are translated into various languages for use in Africa, Asia and Latin America. There are also advanced workshops for pastors and ministry leaders. See details below.

“Growing in Grace,” 4-Part Workshop Series for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Timothy Two Instructors teach an initial four-part series of workshops entitled “Growing in Grace” for pastors and ministry leaders. Each workshop has 21 lessons and can be taught in three to five or more days depending on the context.

  1. Knowing God: His Divine Attributes (Theology Proper). God is Trinity, self-existent, infinite, eternal, unchanging, self-sufficient, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present, great, sovereign, all-wise, good, loving, gracious, jealous, just, true and holy.
  2. Loving God: Transformed from Darkness to Light (Anthropology, Christology, Soteriology, Pneumatology). The doctrine of man, sin and depravity. The doctrine of Christ: Jesus as the God-man, his state of humiliation, his state of exaltation, his role as Prophet, as Priest, as King and his atonement. Soteriology and pneumatology: election, effective calling, regeneration, repentance, faith, justification, adoption, baptism of the Spirit, sanctification, perseverance and glorification.
  3. Trusting God: Practicing Kingdom Living in Relationships, Social Issues and Personal Issues (Practical Theology 1). What the Bible says about husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, children, friends, church, the world, government authority, divorce, sexual sin, homosexuality, abortion, work, money, oaths and vows, fear, sickness, grief, suicide and death.
  4. Serving God: Serving in the Church, the Community and the World (Practical Theology 2). Serving God as a pastor, elder, deacon, teacher, in cell groups, men’s ministries, women’s ministries, youth ministries, children’s ministries, through worship, hospitality, evangelism, giving, prayer, and humility, by meeting material needs of others, promoting justice, working unto the Lord, living as “salt and light,” sending missionaries, going as missionaries, and discerning your call to serve.
  5. On Mission with God: Exploring our Role in God’s Mission. (used in some locations instead of 4 above) God’s plan, discerning the voice of God, dependence on the Spirit, being witnesses, cultural considerations, the consummation of God’s plan.

Advanced Workshops for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

After a group of pastors and ministry leaders completes the initial series of four workshops above, other workshops listed below are available. And more workshops are in development.

Re-Forma (We offer this workshop in cooperation with

  • Part 1. Knowing the Scriptures, usually called Biblical Theology, Old Testament and New Testament Surveys
    • Recount 10 of the main events in the Old Testament and share the stories of at least 10 of the main characters in the Old Testament
    • Explain by using 5 examples how Jesus fulfils Old Testament prophecy
    • Summarize at least 5 major teachings of Jesus
    • Explain why the death and resurrection of Jesus is so important
    • Explain the significance of Jesus’ relationship with His disciples for discipling others today
    • Describe 10 main events in the book of Acts
    • Explain at least three of Paul’s key teachings
  • Part 2. Living by Faith, usually called Practical Theology, Hermeneutics, Children’s Ministry, Church Management, Relationships
    • Preach or teach effectively
    • Successfully explain a Bible passage to a group of people
    • Bear the fruit of the Spirit in all areas of life and practise humility, integrity and simplicity
    • List, explain and exercise the spiritual disciplines
    • Apply biblically ethical principles to relationships with the congregation
    • Demonstrate compassion, welcome and forgiveness in all relationships, including with people who have special needs
    • Practice kindness and hospitality
  • Part 3. Outreach, usually called Evangelism, Missions, Discipling
    • Motivate others for mission
    • Effectively share the gospel with family, friends and strangers
    • Mentor at least one person in a specific form of evangelism or mission.
    • Explain why the Bible is more important than culture
    • Use technology and social media for ministry
    • Demonstrate servant leadership
    • Identify and train at least 3 others to serve in some form of church leadership
  • Part 4. Listening and Encouraging, usually called Counselling, Family
    • Comfort and assist others in times of crisis, namely death, marital problems, illness, etc.
    • Help a couple prepare for their marriage
    • Recount at least 7 stories in the Bible where God used children
    • Explain how Jesus’ attitude towards children should change the church
    • Involve themselves in ministry to, with and by children
    • Nurture faithfulness and love in marriage and family
    • Describe the impact of absentee fathers
  • Part 5. Trustworthy Faith, usually called Systematic Theology, Ethics, Church History, Stewardship
    • Believe and practice sound doctrine
    • Summarize and explain the key doctrines of the New Testament
    • Explain 3 of the most important events in the history of the Church
    • Describe how their denomination (or church movement) came into being
    • Explain the biblical basis for stewardship, giving and offerings
    • Explain why the prosperity gospel is unbiblical and unethical. (Note: If the prosperity gospel is not a problem in your region, then select the most important issue that is.)
    • Describe the importance of the church

Other Workshops for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

How to Understand the Bible

Old Testament Survey

Paul’s Letters to the Churches

Church Planting

Preaching with Power

Pastoral Counseling

Marriage and Family

Workshop for Children’s Ministry Leaders

The “Developing Children’s Ministry” workshop is specifically for children’s ministry leaders. These lessons can be taught in three to five or more days depending on the context.

Part 1: Teaching Children

  • Why do we do children’s ministry?
  • Leading a child to Christ using the Gospel in colors
  • Learning styles
  • Age-group characteristics
  • Classroom discipline
    • Classroom management ideas
  • Model Lesson 1 – God is Unchanging
  • Bible-based activities
  • Assorted teaching tips

Part 2: Teaching a Class

  • The big story of the Bible
  • Bible topics to teach our children
  • Teacher preparation for teaching a bible story
  • Preparing a lesson plan
  • Telling a good story
  • Developing curriculum
  • Curriculum development – The Fall
  • Curriculum development – The Baptism of Jesus
  • Curriculum development – The Teachings of Jesus
  • Model Lesson 2 – Knowing God
  • Model Lesson 3 – God is Holy
  • Model Lesson 4 – God is All-Powerful
  • Model Lesson 5 – God is Loving

Part 3: Developing Lessons on Key Topics

  • The Establishment of the Kingdom of David
  • The Day of Pentecost – “God is All-Present”
  • Saul’s Conversion – “God is Gracious”
  • The Exodus – “God is Great”
  • The Death and Resurrection of Jesus – “God is Just”

Appendix 1

  • Background Scriptures for teacher preparation
  • Curriculum topic sheet (30 lessons – 13 characteristics of God)
  • Curriculum planning sheets for one year
  • Lesson plan master sheet
  • Teacher study sheet

Contact your nearest Regional Director for more information on these workshops.

  • For Africa contact Bryan Slater (
  • For Asia contact Steve Curtis (
  • For Latin America contact Dan Sonnenberg (

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