Participant Testimonials from Latin America

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg


Jean Prevald, Dominican Republic

Thank you to God for what he has done in my life. Thank you for coming to clarify many things about God. Your coming isn’t in vain. We all benefit in many ways from the Holy Spirit through you.

Rosa Lina Palacios, El Salvador

The seminars have been a great blessing to my life and my family. I have a lot to teach my little daughter, who is now 6 years old, about walking with God and about the work of the Lord. It has been a great tool to teach in my church with the young people. In fact there are new youth leaders that are being equipped with this knowledge though this material. I have been using it also to train teachers from Sunday school in our church. By this means we are spreading the teaching we have received and the teachers can share this with the children they have in Sunday school.

From Osorno, Chile:

Carolina Tamara Arraño Ojeda

Being able to participate in these studies has given me many tools to continue in this fight to be true children of God and good soldiers in this world. My heart is moved and encouraged to understand even more the GREAT GOD has in my life, who protects me, blesses me, calms my pain, is the best judge, the best friend, etc. So much so that he has left us his guidance through the word to glorify him at every moment and stage of our lives, thus giving us the precise instructions to be able to act according to his will. As a young Christian, it is difficult for me in these times to let God act completely in my life, because the world is increasingly cruel and empowered in many areas, but this word makes me feel protected by God, I feel his arms caressing me and giving the strength, the courage and the love to continue doing his will. To thirst for his word and how good it does my life. I am grateful for each topic since God teaches us how to be good parents, children, friends, etc. How to behave with our authorities, how to intervene in issues such as homosexuality, suicide, abortion, sexual sins, etc. For this last reason I find that my church should take emphasis, in order to be able to act and be able to evangelize without fear and prepared in the word of God and its endorsement.

Hilda Margot Ojeda Paredes

My experience has been a gift from God, because my faith has been strengthened and my thinking has expanded. Here I have realized that what I know is nothing and that our thoughts are so finite before the wisdom of God.

These studies have taught me to look at the stages of life with a different attitude, that as human beings we will pass, but also with the help of God and his wisdom we have the blessing of being able to encourage, sustain, pray and exhort those who are weaker, as well as those who do not know God.

Asking God to help me and all my brothers that we learned from this new study that is “Trusting in God”, make us encourage ourselves to be able to share them in those areas of the church.

Emma Aguilar Navarro

First of all, I want to give thanks for the opportunity and great blessing of having been part of this beautiful Project Timothy II. It has been a great blessing first for my life and for an important group of our congregation, who have had the privilege of being blessed with the teachings, we can only thank and bless the managers of it. We want to thank Pastor Helmuth Aguilar in a very special way for having served as a bridge to receive these valuable tools to be more efficient and effective in the work of the Lord. Thank you for every effort made for the group of our congregation, thank you for your dedication and time dedicated to this project. Thanks for the days you have given, for your trips and your personal motivation. God keep you and bless you always.

Regarding module Three “Trusting God”, it has been a source of blessing for my life, it has helped me in the following aspects:

First, to strengthen my trust in the Lord, to actually work on it, since there is a great difference in the concept of “trust” that we commonly handle, all people, no matter the link they have with us, will fail us in some time, since our nature is fallible. While our trust in the Lord is really secure, since one of the attributes of Him is his faithfulness. He is absolutely, faithful and trustworthy. God is faithful all the time. It was wonderful to be able to stop, think and reflect on this aspect, it was a great help for my life, reinforcing and remembering step by step, as God has shown me his fidelity, throughout my life trajectory. 

Each topic treated and discussed from Lesson 1 to 21, strengthened my life, clarified concepts, scope, application and broadened my vision in many aspects. In many of the cases I could see my journey, how I have applied them in my life and in my work in the congregation, my ministry with Ladies, Youth and Children. In some cases, I will reformulate my work and try to change it with the help of the Lord.

The social issues discussed are tremendously useful and much needed, issues that are seldom addressed and or studied within congregations. They broaden the vision, insert new knowledge, reinforce others and make them rethink in front of others.

It has been a wonderful day that confronts us with so many challenges both for our lives, and for teaching, sharing, helping and helping others who may need it. 

 As for where I will apply it, 

It will be in the different ministries that I pastor with my husband. Once again, immensely grateful to the Lord for this great blessing of having had the possibility of this material reaching our hands.

Be greatly blessed, the brothers who make up this team! Thank you for so many hours of work and dedication in the research, search and preparation of this material.

From Las Tunas, Cuba:

Mirna Reyna Céspedes

I thank the Lord and the teachers because this is the first time I received a course like Timoty Two where I could learned in many parts of my personal life as wife, mother and, I also hope to apply  it in my family, and teach to other people in my community.

Idelisa Mantecón P.

This workshop had been a great blessing, because I met new brothers and we received all the deep contents from the teachers. All the lessons have a great teaching for our daily lives and spiritual knowledge according to God’s Will in each one. Now we can understand and apply better the Lord’s word.

Yadan Cruz Leyva

Timothy Two has been very important in my life, my home, my family and ministry, and it helps me to have a better relationship with my God.
In fact, Timothy had took me hard decisions but very important in the ministry. I can see many things that I couldn’t see before.

Pedro Vargas López

I thank God for the great privilege to be trained and equipped with this course from Timothy Two. This course is both profound and simple at the same time.

Manuel Enriquez Lora Craib

I give thanks to God for this project Timothy Two. It has been a great blessing in my life, widened my knowledge, and helped me to make decisions. These four workshops had many important themes that prepare a solid leadership for the God’s kingdom. Thanks for coming to Cuba to bring these tools.

From Santa Tecla, El Salvador:

These are very useful workshops to teach to others, we are going to implement a study with the women’s society.

We have never talked around the table at home or at church about themes discussed here like homosexuality, abortion, sickness, fear, etc. Those are very important themes, because many people ask about it when we go to evangelize. Then we did not know how to respond. Now we do.

Everything God has allowed in my life through this teaching has strengthened and blessed my life, so I can confess God is in control.

It has been wonderful to receive this training. Everything we have learned is very important. Now I am in the position to teach others what I have learned.

I thank God that through these studies have come a lot of practical ideas of what we can do in our church. We are going to start a Men’s Ministry.

In my opinion, Timothy Two’s “Serving God” includes practical themes about the everyday life to implement in the youth ministry. I like the dynamic interaction of the discussions. It is very participative.

From Palmira, Cuba:

To gather material of this type is complicated and lots of work. This is a good tool.

This material is easy to understand and deep at the same time.

I like the dynamic in the meeting. Other conferences I have attended are ok, but this is superior. It is good to hear from one another in the discussions. We encourage and edify one another. It is not just intellectual meeting, it is edification.

Most methods for workshops are merely listening with few opportunities to interact, but this method provides much interaction.

From Guayaquil, Ecuador:

Pastor José Víctor Calderón Mendoza

This workshop resolved many doubts. It also helped me understand things according to his word and get more knowledge. Thanks to the help of the missionary Pastor and the Translator. It helped me thanks to the qualities and experiences of the people as well so I can be trained in order to carry these in our spiritual life and ministry.

Pastor Ruth García Badillo

I am so thankful to God and our Teacher for everything I have learned. I am learning more from the word of God in this workshop so we can be better Pastors and leaders and be able to teach God’s people. This workshop has also helped me answer many questions and doubts I had.

Pastor Martha García Badillo

It helped me so much in my Spiritual growth and increase my knowledge in the word of God.

Pastor Mario Fernando Villegas Rodriguez

It helped me a great deal. I met other Pastors and made more friends. I had some doubts in some areas, but they were cleared. I learned new things I didn’t know. I enjoyed English better, haha… In conclusion, I climbed another step in wisdom because I learned so much and I congratulate everyone for their good job.

Pastor Sarita Jiménez Lucas

It has been great because I was edified. As a Pastor I need to get training, know more and acquire what I need so I can teach others later on. The topics they taught have been very necessaries, above all, the 3rd part – La Doctrine of the “Application of the Salvation” Lesson 12 “What is effective call”?

Félix Sánchez

 This workshop has helped me in many ways: It has been spiritually heartwarming. I have met many pastors from other churches and we have become friends. We have also interected with many different ways of thinking.  I have learned wonderful teachings from the Bible. Things like: the filling and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, etc.

Pastor Carmelina De la Cruz Salazar

It was a great blessing because I was able to understand some things better since I became a christian, because I could not explain. I now know that God gives us wisdom when we ask Him. I understood and I learned how to teach and explain the góspel of Christ in a better way. Thank you and May God re-bless you all.

From Santa Tecla, El Salvador:

Jose Antonio Ponce Miranda

These workshops are helpful for the spiritual lives of people that do not have an academic title to enrich our faith and to be able to teach others and to practice it for our spiritual lives.

Yeny Dolores Gueerra

I greet you in a very special way to tell you, thank God first and then you brother Daniel for the effort he has made to come to give us studies, from the timoteo workshop, I want to tell you, brother Daniel, that has helped me a lot. I have learned from the wisdom that God has given to you, in that way you could teach others who do not know about God, may God bless you and may God force you to continue teaching others. Goodbye to you

From Pamplona Alta, Peru:

Concepcion Jara

About three months ago I shared with a brother in the faith about this seminars we were receiving and after explain him what was about he was very interested se we started to get together to talk about every lesson. I told him we were going to have the third seminar but he could not attend because of his work. I gave him borrowed my workbooks in order for him to study by himself with the condition that when he finish I will borrow him the next workbook. I also borrowed the USB you gave us in order for him to listen to the teachings whenever he travels. Every time he comes to Lima, he gathers with a group of people and some of his relatives in his house to teach them what he has learned. I give thanks to our heavenly Father por the time you dedicate to teach us. You give us strength and courage to keep working for the Lord. I keep on studying to be able to teach others; personally I am a passionate on teaching others. But because of health problems I have not been able to go out to visit people, but I keep on improving and will start again going out to visit. 


From Pamplona Alta, Peru:

From Jacmel, Haiti:

From Havana, Cuba:

From Barbosa-Medellin, Colombia:

From Independence, Belize:

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