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by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

Below are posts about our work with Timothy Two in Latin America since 2016.

2020 Posts

12/12/20. Alere Magazine 2020 Edition: Timothy Two Project International Year in Review

12/11/20. Latin America 2020 Year in Review: Timothy Two Project International

8/30/20. Stranded Timothy Two Missionary Completes Final Workshop in Chile

8/12/20. Using Zoom for Timothy Two Workshops during COVID-19

6/17/20. Timothy Two’s 24 Workshop Groups in Central America, South America and the Caribbean: A Photo Essay

6/15/20. How Timothy Two Project International Helps the Church to Honor God: Workshop Participant Testimonials

6/15/20. COVID-19 Still Wreaking Havoc in Peru, Quarantine Extended until October 1, Urgent Prayer Needed

5/25/20. Timothy Two Workshop Participant in Peru Succumbs to COVID-19

5/25/20. Timothy Two Sent Humanitarian Aid to Guayaquil, Ecuador and other Latin American Nations During COVID-19

5/25/20. The Life and Work of Helmuth Aguilar, Timothy Two Missionary in Chile and El Salvador

5/25/20. Pray for Timothy Two Missionary Stranded in Chile

5/25/20. A Message from Timothy Two’s International Director During COVID-19

1/26/20. Nine Timothy Two Workshops Scheduled in Latin America During January and February

1/23/20. Fundraiser for Timothy Two National Missionary Partners in Latin America

1/11/20. Retrospective Video: Timothy Two in Latin America 2016-2019

1/5/20. Alere Magazine 2019: Timothy Two Year in Review

2019 Posts

9/16/19. Timothy Two’s Workshop for Children’s Ministry Leaders

9/16/19. Timothy Two in Latin America 2016-2019: 200+ Leaders in 10 Countries Receive Theological Education in 46 Workshops

8/20/19. South American Pastors and Ministry Leaders Hungry for Theological Training

8/9/19. Timothy Two Training Goes into the Peruvian Jungle

5/29/19. Testimonials from Cuba

5/27/19. Testimonials from Dominican Republic Pastors

5/6/19. Testimonials from El Salvador Workshop Participants

2/16/19. Belize Pastors and Ministry Leaders Receive Timothy Two Certificates in Biblical and Theological Foundations

1/4/19. Poverty in Peru and the Contribution of Timothy Two

1/4/19. Advantages and Funding of “National Missionary Partners”

1/3/19. Training Children’s Ministry Leaders in Latin America: Beth’s article describing the methods she uses.

2018 Posts

12/31/18. Fall 2018 Teaching Trips to Peru, El Salvador, Haiti; New Latin American Venues in 2019

7/24/18. Timothy Two Project International: Our Calling, Mission, Vision, Curriculum and Financial Accountability

7/1/18. Timothy Two Project in El Salvador

7/1/18. Timothy Two Project International Curriculum

5/13/18. God’s Provision and Protection in Haiti

4/5/18. Training Pastors and Leaders in Peru and El Salvador

2017 Posts

7/6/17. Equipping Pastors in Cuba, Part 4. My fourth trip and Beth’s first trip to Cuba. We taught workshops in both Havana and Palmira.

7/6/17. Equipping Pastors in Cuba, Part 3. Third trip to Cuba.

4/16/17. Equipping Pastors in Cuba, Part 2. Second trip to Cuba.

1/30/17. Equipping Pastors in Cuba, Part 1: God Opens a Door into Cuba. Our first trip to equip pastors in Havana, Cuba.

2016 Posts

9/6/16. Why We Serve with Timothy Two

9/6/16. Timothy Two Curriculum: Topics in Four Workshops for Pastors and Ministry Leaders. Lists the theological and practical subjects we teach in the four workshops.

7/22/16. Equipping Haitian Pastors and Ministry Leaders with Timothy Two Workshop “Knowing God”

7/22/16. Upcoming Teaching Trips to Haiti and Colombia

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