Cuba: Equipping Pastors, Part 2

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

 “You would be amazed at how quickly the materials you bring here are copied and distributed throughout our towns and cities and nation.” – Cuban pastor

These Cuban pastors and ministry leaders recently completed Timothy Two Project International’s Workshop 2, “Loving God: Transformed from Darkness to Light” in which we studied and discussed the work of Christ to accomplish salvation and the work of the Holy Spirit to apply salvation in the lives of believers (Christology, pneumatology, soteriology).

And I was thrilled to hear that several participants had already begun teaching the material from Workshop 1 to the next generation of students in their churches and neighborhoods.

Watch the videos below to hear their stories.

We asked the coordinating pastors to share their vision for the work of Timothy Two in Cuba. The pre-revolution National Capitol Building can be seen in the background. Here is their story.

See and hear the sights and sounds of a street corner in Old Havana.

Listen to congregational singing at a Cuban house church.

This group is highly motivated to complete the training. We have been invited to return as soon as possible to teach Workshops 3 and 4 before the beginning of hurricane season in the Caribbean. I am scheduled to teach Workshop 3 the week of April 30 – May 5.

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  1. Hey, can you recommend some Christian churches in Havana, please?


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