The Life and Work of Helmuth Aguilar, Timothy Two National Missionary in Chile and El Salvador

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

I want to tell you a story about a Latin American pastor-teacher-musician and a recent Timothy Two workshop for pastors and ministry leaders that he taught just a few days before the nation of Chile shut down because of COVID-19. And don’t miss his music video at the end of this post.

Helmuth (center) with his mother Detelvina (right)

Helmuth Zalathiel Aguilar Navarro grew up in the Los Lagos (“Lakes”) region of southern Chile (South America) and completed his theological training at the Baptist Seminary in Santiago, Chile during the 1980’s. His mother, Detelvina Navarro Cárdenas, age 88, still lives in this region of Chile where she and her husband, the late Blas Aguilar, served as pastors for over 60 years. His mother, also known as “Pastora Nina,” hosted a radio program “Opening Scriptures” for children on radio Colonia for many years. Now retired, she is still serving the Lord by facilitating a weekly home Bible study.

You may have noticed, like I did, that Helmuth’s first name looks and sounds more German than Chilean. That’s because this region was settled also by German immigrants as part of a state-sponsored colonization plan between 1850 and 1875 after the German revolutions of 1848-49. “[T]he Germans of southern Chile retained much of their German culture or Deutschtum.” So over the course of time, many communities in this region developed a “dual Chilean and German sense of belonging.” So it’s not surprising that Helmuth’s parents gave him a German-sounding first name when he was born.

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Reformation Theology Reading Guide

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

Biblical and theological works (both contemporary and classic) that John Hendryx at believes best reflect the Scriptures’ teaching on grace and the Christian life. Includes recommendations and links to his top recommendations as well as works on Basic Christianity, Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Doctrines of Grace, Sovereignty of God, Covenant, Justification, Godly Life and Sanctification and The Five Solas.

Timothy Two Workshop Participant in Peru Succumbs to COVID-19

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

I am very sad to announce that Antonio Garcia Medina, a youth leader in his church and one of the participants in my workshops in Lima, Peru, recently succumbed to COVID-19 after fighting for his life during the past several weeks in the hospital. Several other family members are still recovering from the virus.

Antonio in 2012
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Timothy Two Sends Humanitarian Aid to Guayaquil, Ecuador during COVID-19

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

We at Timothy Two recently contributed to food relief efforts through our workshop coordinator Juan Jimenez​ in Guayaquil, Ecuador during COVID-19.

You can help us help our other partners in need through Timothy Two’s “Family Fund: at Thanks!

Reflections on Music and Culture in Cuba: Cuban Singer/Songwriter Pablo Milanes

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

Very interesting documentary on the life and times of Cuban singer/songwriter who lived in Havana before, during and after the 1960 revolution. It tells the many ways, including music, that Cuba changed during those times. Timothy Two in Cuba.