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Equipping Pastors and Ministry Leaders in Latin America

By Daniel L. Sonnenberg

As Instructors with Timothy Two, Beth and I equip Latin American pastors, church leaders and children’s ministry leaders with the fundamentals of the Christian faith so that they, in turn, can equip others.

I also serve as the Regional Director to coordinate the work of our National Missionary Partners, other International Instructors, and Interns who serve in the nations of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean Islands.

My 2019 Teaching Trip Schedule

  • February 11-16: Independence, Belize
  • March 18-23: Las Tunas, Cuba
  • April 15-20: Santa Tecla, El Salvador
  • May 20-25: La Romana, Dominican Republic
  • June 14-20: Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • July 15-20: Pamplona Alta, Peru
  • August 16-22: Cartagena, Colombia
  • September 16-21: Palmira, Cuba
  • November 1-6, Jacmel, Haiti

We are also making plans for new workshops in Villa Rio Bermejito, Argentina and Braco du Norte, Brazil in 2020 as soon as interpreters are found.


Rosa Lina’s Testimonial

“In my personal experience, the Timothy Two seminar has helped me to teach my daughter’s father (he was not a believer). But now, by the grace of God, he attends church, he is now a member of the congregation with us and is receiving doctrinal studies in our church. Now he supports my every activity in the church I am involved in and he is participating, too. The seminars have been a great blessing to my life and my family. I have a lot to teach my little daughter, who is now 6 years old, about walking with God and about the work of the Lord. It has been a great tool to teach in my church with the young people. In fact there are new youth leaders that are being equipped with this knowledge though this material. I have been using it also to train teachers from Sunday school in our church. By this means we are spreading the teaching we have received and the teachers can share this with the children they have in Sunday school.”

Jose Antonio’s Testimonial

“These workshops have helped us in our spiritual life and are adapted to persons like us who have no academic degrees. They cause us to learn, they enrich our faith, they have trained us to teach others, and they help us practice what we have learned in our spiritual life. We have gained a strong assurance of what we are studying from the materials. We are so thankful for the missionary that comes from North America to train us.” 

Recent Teaching Trips

I recently completed trips to Belize, Cuba and El Salvador. Click the links to see my reports and participant testimonials from those trips.

Timothy Two Instructors equip pastors and ministry leaders in the majority world who do not have access to formal theological training. We utilize a small-group-teaching-and-discussion method in which participants, after studying the lesson, develop their own culturally appropriate illustrations and applications. This not only trains them in systematic and practical theology, but also equips them to train others.

For details about our past teaching trips, see the Newsletters section below. To receive news about future trips click here to sign up for our email newsletter.


About Timothy Two:

  • Our Calling: 2 Timothy 2:2, “…what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”
  • Our Mission: To train national pastors and church leaders in developing nations in the essential doctrines of the faith and to equip them to train others.
  • Our Vision: To see the global church of Jesus Christ equipped for the effective ministry of the gospel throughout the world, irrespective of geographical, cultural, financial or political challenges.
  • Our CurriculumTimothy Two Curriculum: Growing in Grace Series Table of Contents lists the theological topics we teach in the four workshops.
  • Financial Accountability: Timothy Two is an evangelical, Reformed ministry, organized as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit missions organization, accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).
  • Visit us:  Timothy Two Project International


Contact us:

  • Dan Sonnenberg, Instructor and Regional Director: Latin America
  • Beth Sonnenberg, Children’s Ministries and Music Ministries Instructor

Travel & Prayer Calendar:

  • Prayer requests concerning my preparation, travel, teaching and post-trip activities.
  • If you have a Google calendar, items from this calendar can be copied to yours. Just click on any item then select “copy to my calendar.”




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