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Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

Dan & Beth Sonnenberg

Since 2016, Beth and I, together with our National Missionary Partners and other Global Instructors, have provided theological training for hundreds of pastors and ministry leaders throughout Latin America.

I serve as the Regional Director for Latin America with Timothy Two Project International. Beth and I train pastors, ministry leaders and children’s leaders throughout Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean who have little or no access to formal theological education. Our Instructors include both international missionaries and national missionary partners.* See details below.

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Watch our video for an overview of how we train of pastors and ministry leaders in Latin America

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Our goal is to establish a work in all 33 nations and the 15 territories of this region.

Timothy Two Project International exists to serve a critical need around the world. We are committed to equipping and training indigenous pastors and ministry leaders with the essential truths of the Christian faith so that they can train others.

See what Timothy Two Project International is doing in other regions of the world!

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  1. Brother Dan and Sister Beth:
    We will be with you in prayer and some support. You cannot but succeed because you are following a call that is related to the truth of Scripture… 2 Timothy 2… training faithful men who then would be able to teach other men. May our Lord continue to bless you and Steve and your families. We love you John and Sylvia


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