Dominican Republic: Testimonials from Pastors in La Romana

Timothy Two Project International: Latin America Region

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

These testimonials were written at the conclusion of Workshop 1, “Knowing God,” in La Romana, Dominican Republic.

JEAN HERARD PIERRE LOUIS. “There is a Proverb in Creol that says knowledge is a blessing. Knowing something about God, that means you have more blessing from him. Therefore, I give praise to the Lord for being part of this workshop. I learned many things about God. May God bless you and give you a longer life…with all your family. We love you in Jesus’ name.”

CHARLES PHILOGENE. “First, I give thanks to the Lord for the workshop. I learned a lot about Scripture, so thanks to God. I am more self-confident about what I know from God through you. Bless you so deep Pastor Dan and your family.”

NELSON MARIE GUELDINE. “It’s a grace and a great blessing for me to have the privilege to increase my knowledge about my true God. Bless you, Pastor.”

NICOLAS JEAN BAPTISTE. “I bless the name of God deeply from the heart for allowing me to be part of this first workshop. Now I am more confident with my knowledge about God. May God keep blessing you.”

OCCE PIERRE. “Be blessed Pastor Wisly, Dan and Wick. Thanks to God because now I am able to teach others. This seminary helps me to develop my knowledge more. God bless you all.”

SANTIAGO MEDREDY. “I feel extremely impacted by this workshop. And it makes me feel more comfortable to talk about God. Bless you!!”

MANUEL JOSEPH GOMEZ. “God bless Pastor Dan for your interest and motivation to help others. Because of these three days of training I feel more prepared to go and teach my brothers and sisters in Christ and instruct my church’s members in a good way. I am proud and satisfied about all. Bless you a lot…”

IVELISSE JOSEPH. “God bless you. To be part of this conference is more than a blessing for my life. It impacted me in many ways and also helps me to understand more deeply who God is. Thank you with all my heart and may God’s peace be with you and your family.”

WILSON PIERRE LOUIS. “Be blessed everyone through this seminary. I have reinforced my knowledge with the purpose to teach others here. Bless you…”

RAFAEL ANTONIO WILSON. “We greet you in God’s name, our interpreter, our Pastor Wisly, and Dan, for taking the great responsibility to help others to more deeply understand God’s Words – God bless you all.”

EXULIENNE DESULME. “God bless you. I feel so happy for God’s salvation. Thanks to God because he inspired you to inspire us through the Scriptures. May God bless you Pastor Dan.”

JEAN PREVALD. “Thank you to God for what he has done in my life. And I want to thank Pastor Wisly Denis who is always in our favor to increase day by day our knowledge in spiritual things. And thank you Pastor Dan for coming to clarify many things about God. Your coming isn’t in vain. We all benefit in many ways from the Holy Spirit through you. May God bless all your family.”

ANTHONY “WICK” SILVESTRE VILLEGAS (Interpreter). “This workshop is so important for my life, I don’t even know what to say. I am now more confident about what I’ve learned. I would like to serve as an interpreter in other countries such as Haiti and Brazil if it is God’s plan. Blessings.”

JEAN RONY REGISTRE. “Thanks to God. I can say now that I have more ability to teach God’s Words and do better what I have to do for God. Bless you Pastor for joining us in the D.R.”

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