Videos from Latin America

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

Watch selected videos below or click here to see our entire playlist from Latin America

April 2022 video update on our work of training pastors and ministry leaders in Latin America

April 2021 update on our missionary work in Latin America with Timothy Two Project International
Mayan woman grinding corn in Belize
Peruvian Youth Leader Antonio Garcia Medina finds answers to his students’ questions at the workshop
Street corner sights and sounds in Old Havana, Cuba
Testimonial of Timothy Two workshop participant Nicolas Jacksonne of Jacmel, Haiti
From Jacmel through the mountains to Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Cuban Baptist Pastor Reidel Romero Alambarri will teach the Timothy Two Workshop to his members
Mototaxi ride through Pamplona Alta, Peru

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by Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director: Latin America, Timothy Two Project International

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