El Salvador: Testimonials from Pastors in Serving in Santa Tecla and Huizucar

Timothy Two Project International: Latin America Region

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

A number of participants shared their thoughts and feelings after completing the series of four pastors’ workshops in Santa Tecla, El Salvador.


I give thanks to the Lord and to the brothers and sisters that are part of Timothy Two, God bless them all. And to the many collaborators and missionaries that are spreading this teaching around the world. I want to share what this workshop has done for us. It brings a lot of knowledge in the Word of God to every student. These are some of the things I have learned:

  1.  I have learned to worship God, to be in love with Him, and that causes us to be more willing to obey, and we praise Him.
  2. I have learned how to guide a group of people under my charge. It has caused us to put in order the work of God, and it has taught me the requirements that every leader must have.
  3. I have learned how to evangelize non-believers, and also about the spiritual gifts we have received from the Lord. This workshop challenges me with the help of God to serve others with love.
  4. I thank all the sisters and brothers – my fellow participants in the class – because by being in the workshop together we have learned from each other.”

Rosa Lina

“In my personal experience, the Timothy Two seminar has helped me to teach my daughter’s father (he was not a believer). But now, by the grace of God, he attends church, he is now a member of the congregation with us and is receiving doctrinal studies in our church. Now he supports my every activity in the church I am involved in and he is participating, too. The seminars have been a great blessing to my life and my family. I have a lot to teach my little daughter, who is now 6 years old, about walking with God and about the work of the Lord. It has been a great tool to teach in my church with the young people. In fact there are new youth leaders that are being equipped with this knowledge though this material. I have been using it also to train teachers from Sunday school in our church. By this means we are spreading the teaching we have received and the teachers can share this with the children they have in Sunday school.”

Jose Antonio

“These workshops have helped us in our spiritual life and are adapted to persons like us who have no academic degrees. They cause us to learn, they enrich our faith, they have trained us to teach others, and they help us practice what we have learned in our spiritual life. We have gained a strong assurance of what we are studying from the materials. We are so thankful for the missionary that comes from North America to train us.” 


 “As a young person, I want to share with you my thankfulness for the time and resources invested in us. Everything I have learned from Timothy Two workshops I, II, III and IV has been a great blessing. It challenges me to keep learning and knowing more about God, and to share with others the knowledge I have received. I also want to share how by knowing God in Workshop I, we learn how to love him in Workshop II. This love causes us to trust in Him as we learned in Workshop III. And in thankfulness to Him we serve God with all our heart as we learned in Workshop IV. I feel so happy to have been able to receive all this knowledge. It makes me feel, as a young girl, strong in my faith and motivated to keep going and to teach other young people and anyone else who wants to learn and know more about God. I am endlessly thankful for such valuable knowledge you have brought to us. Thank you for the inspiration you have brought to my life to keep on in my faith!”


“I salute you in a very special way to tell you that I give thanks to God and to you for the effort you have made to come to our country to impart the Timothy Two Workshops. I want to share with you how this seminar has helped me. I have learned from the wisdom God has given through his Word, and I have learned how to teach others that do not know God. God bless you and give you strength to keep teaching others.”


“I am very thankful to God for every man and woman of God that has diligently obeyed God´s call to be part of the Timothy Two Project. I am thankful for all the benefits it brings to the church of our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world, and in my case, to this part of the church in El Salvador, Central America. Each one of the workshops has a variety of themes that are explained biblically, yet presented with the simplicity that is characteristic of the message of the kingdom of God. The teachings contained in the Timothy Two workshops, in addition to the material you gave us on the flash drive from Third Millenium Ministries, have become the basis for the teachings I have shared with many brothers and sisters in various ministry groups and churches. And through these teachings, I have been inspired to pursue further biblical and theological training as a student of the Theological Seminary of Birmingham and to continue the work of discipleship within the Body of Christ. Thank you all for the hard work.”


“Words cannot express the deepest feeling I have in my heart and the thankfulness for the time, efforts of all kinds, patience, love and dedication to us, and the contribution to the church, the Body of Christ here in El Salvador. My personal experience in teaching these materials has been more one-on-one: with families close to us, with individuals and with our own children. We open our house to families once a week and we use these materials to study and then to pray with them for their children. Also, I have shared specific themes with individuals according to their current needs. For example, I shared with a beloved sister how to overcome grief and depression. She had been struggling with this since her son’s disappearance and had gone an entire year without any information or finding his body, so she was in deep despair. Also, we use these materials to study with our children, ages 10 and 12. So far, we have used mostly the first workshop on the attributes of God to establish in them a firm doctrinal basis for their faith and the material from the third workshop on the themes related to children.”

“As we have participated in these workshops over the past two years with people from other churches, I have learned about the diversity of the Body of Christ and the marvelous grace God has manifested differently in each of us. My husband and I are thankful to have had the opportunity to be participants in this training. Thank you for the opportunity to put the talents God has entrusted to me – as a workbook translator and a workshop interpreter – to serve our Lord and the beloved church here in El Salvador and other Spanish-speaking countries. Thank you to every person participating in this ministry and to all the donors who made it possible for the missionaries to travel to our country. May God bless you abundantly and reward your investment. And thank you for your prayers for us. You will also be in our prayers.”

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