Cuba: Equipping Pastors, Part 1

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

We recently made our first trip to Havana, Cuba to equip a group of 10 pastors and ministry leaders by teaching and discussing Timothy Two Project International’s Workshop 1, “Knowing God” concerning the attributes and works of God (theology proper). These students from various denominations and various cities and towns throughout the region, are now prepared to teach these 21 lessons to those in their local churches and communities using the biblical content we provided, as well as culturally relevant illustrations and study questions they developed in group discussions together with one another throughout the week.

Timothy Two instructors equip pastors in the majority world who do not have access to formal theological training. And we do so, not using a lecturer-listener format, but in a small group teaching-and-discussion format. This not only trains pastors in systematic and practical theology, but also equips them to train others.


With Cuban pastors, ministry leaders and interpreter


Group discussion with Cuban pastors

Watch participant testimonials. Watch a video filmed while walking the streets of Havana in the morning. See a video of congregational and small group singing in Cuba. See my full report on this trip.

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