Cuba: Equipping Pastors, Part 4

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

Cuba 4, Day 4-5 068 - Copy copy

Cuban pastors and ministry leaders with Certificates in Biblical and Theological Foundations

Pastors and ministry leaders in Havana, Cuba completed Timothy Two Project International’s Workshop 4, “Serving God: Living Life in Response to Grace” in which we studied and discussed what the Bible teaches about serving God in the church, the community and the world.

Having also completed three previous workshops in our “Growing in Grace” series earlier this year, they each received a Certificate in Biblical and Theological Foundations.

Cuba 4, Day 4 004 - Copy

Pastors and ministry leaders with workbook 4

On this trip, my wife, Beth, accompanied me for the first time to teach classes for children’s ministry leaders and music ministry leaders. She is pictured below with her students and some of their children.

See my full report (with more photos) on our teaching trip to Cuba during June 2017.

Cuba 4, Day 4-5 088

Beth with children’s ministry leaders and music ministry leaders

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