Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) Position Paper on Human Sexuality

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

Adopted by the 37th General Assembly, June 2017

Click to access PositionPaper-HumanSexuality.pdf

An excerpt…

“In a time when views of human sexuality and marriage are rapidly changing, we believe it is necessary and helpful to state clearly and compassionately to the church and the world our beliefs about God’s design for human sexuality. We wish to do so with love toward all as we attempt to imitate God’s love for us.1 We long for the Church as well as society to conform to biblical standards of sexuality; but our ultimate desire is that, through the gospel, all may come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives and receive His gift of eternal life.”

A Position Paper expresses the mind of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church on a subject of compelling interest. It is a definitive but not an exhaustive statement. A Position Paper is not to be regarded as binding on the conscience of churches or individuals.

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  1. Every time I click on a position paper, it is not available.
    Can this be corrected?

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