Chile: Testimonials from Pastors and Leaders about Timothy Two Workshops

A group of pastors and ministry leaders living in eight different cities throughout southern Chile are participating in Timothy Two Project Internationals series of four biblical training workshops. National Missionary Partner, Helmuth Aguilar, is their Instructor via Zoom. He began teaching them while he was in Chile and has continued teaching since returning to his home in El Salvador. Here are their testimonials about Workshop 1, “Knowing God,” a study of the doctrine and attributes of God completed in February 2021.

1. Pastor Raquel Haro: “I thank God for the opportunity to study the first Timothy II Workshop, Knowing God. I used my class notes and Timothy’s manual to present ‘The Attributes of God’ to a church through the Zoom platform. The brothers and sisters of that congregation were amazed at this teaching, so much so that they have invited me again. I confess that I too am amazed! “

2. Francisco Díaz: consider it a privilege to study Workshop 1 of Timothy II.

It is summer in Chile and his children came to visit him. He was in virtual class and he told his children that he was studying. When he finished class, he told them that he was very happy studying. One of them said “I’m glad, Dad! Do you want to be a pastor?” He replied that without aspiring to that ministry, he finds this workshop useful and necessary because he is learning new learnings about God and his attributes. Brother Francisco is 73 years old.

3. Marcos Oporto: He comments that he enrolled in this course, not on his own initiative. However, after participating in some classes he began to be interested and to have great enthusiasm in his heart. “I hope that next Friday will come soon to have the Timothy II session.” He adds, “It is a very comprehensive didactic course and contains a lot of biblical, theological material and is very practical.”

4. Roxana González expresses that this course has been of great help to her. “I am in awe of the beauty of God’s attributes, this course has brought me closer to a better understanding of God and his will for my life.” She thanks God, because even though her husband is not a believer, he says to her, “I’ll wait for you at the end of your class so we can have dinner together”, so she studies with freedom and joy. Sister Roxana tells us that it has been difficult for her to retain the lessons, because she has stopped studying for many years. However, she obtained 21 points in the evaluation of the maximum 22 points.

5. Marta Isabel Arriagada says that she is the person who least expected to take this course, because it is difficult for her to study. Even on the day of the evaluation she felt blocked at some point, but she did succeed in the exam. “I consider the workshop wonderful, especially when I share the Word of the Lord with my family and neighbors. I tell them about the attributes of God.”

6. Yessica Morales says: “For me it has been a very enriching experience, I have been able to verify it in the preparation of the audio recordings and reflection writings, making use of the great variety of passages that accompany the lesson, which allows me to have resources to make references in the preparation of studies and topics. ”

7. Pastor Cristina Vargas tells us: “It has been a balm for this time of mourning for the death of my husband.” “I was invited to the graduation of Timothy Two from the Osorno [Chile] group, through Zoom. There the desire to study was born in me. With this workshop I have grown spiritually.”

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director: Latin America, Timothy Two Project International

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