Ecuador: Pastors and Ministry Leaders Complete 4-Part Timothy Two Workshop Series

Congratulations! to these 10 pastors and ministry leaders in Guayaquil, Ecuador who recently completed the series of four Timothy Two workshops with me. The Workshop Coordinator was Juan Jimenez. Participants who completed the series included Angelo Arturo Leon Zúñiga, Felix Francisco Pin Sánchez, Janeth Ponguillo Vásquez, Jose Victor Calderón Mendoza, Maria Aracely Ponguillo Vasquez, Martha Violeta Garcia Badillo, Myriam del Carmen Llamuca Ycaza, Ruth Garcia Badillo and Victor Rey Loor. Several others participated in one or more workshops. Adin Rodriguez Acebedo was the interpreter. Workshops were completed in June 2019, January 2020, June 2020, October 2020 and February 2021.

February 2021: Workshop 4, “Serving God,” via Zoom
June 2020: Workshop 3, “Trusting God,” via Zoom
January 2020: Workshop 2, “Loving God,” in Guayaquil
October 2020: Workshop 1 (Group 2), “Knowing God,” via Zoom
June 2019: Workshop 1 (Group 1), “Knowing God,” in Guayaquil

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director: Latin America, Timothy Two Project International

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