Dan Returning to Central America to Train Pastors

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

I am scheduled for two trips to Central America soon: El Salvador in late August and Guatemala in October.

Central America

Teaching in El Salvador

During a 2-week trip to El Salvador August 28 – September 12, I am scheduled to begin teaching two new groups of pastors from a number of churches in the Baptist Federation of El Salvador.

The first week, I will be in the city of San Miguel training pastors in the eastern region. The second week, I will be in the city of Cojutepeque training pastors in the central and western regions. See map below. 

El Salvador pastor workshop locations: Cojutepeque and San Miguel

Returning to Guatemala after 45 Years

On February 4, 1976, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake caused many adobe church buildings in the Guatemalan countryside to collapse into heaps of rubble. The following summer, I spent two months helping to replace three of those structures with a team of 30 students and 4 adults using steel and concrete blocks. See photos below of the construction of those churches.

This October, 45 years later, I hope to be able to visit those churches again when I return to Guatemala to begin teaching a series of workshops for pastors and ministry leaders in the area south of Guatemala City. 

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