Providential Connections for Timothy Two in Brazil

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

God works in wonderful ways to create connections for Timothy Two! Here’s a recent example. Daniel Mathador, who participated in our workshops in Haiti, moved to Brazil a couple years ago and told his pastor about them. His pastor, Frasius Ronald Romeus, invited us to train pastors and ministry leaders in Braco do Norte, Brazil. So Timothy Two’s International Director, Steve Curtis, travelled to Brazil to set up the workshops. BUT Pastor Romeus did not have an interpreter nor did we have a translation of the workbooks into Portuguese. About six months ago, I asked our Peruvian interpreter, Adin Adinro if he knew someone who could translate the workbooks into Portuguese. Adin introduced me to Mariana Silva, a native of Brazil, currently living in Lima, Peru. Mariana agreed to translate the workbooks into Portuguese. She has completed one (pictured) and is working on the other three. Two weeks ago, Daniel YĆ©so (not pictured) found me on Whatsapp. It just so happens he attends Pastor Romeus’ church in Braco do Norte and speaks Portuguese and English. He has agreed to serve as our interpreter for the workshops. Problems solved, thank you Lord! So as soon as COVID-19 is under control in Brazil, I will plan to begin teaching there. Thanks for your prayers.

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