Timothy Two Training Goes into the Peruvian Jungle

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

Multiple “generations” of Timothy Two training are taking place in Peru! On my latest trip to Lima, Peru, I taught the fourth Timothy Two workshop. During the workshop, one of the participants, Pastor Luis Rojas Espinoza, told me that he, in turn, had trained others in his church using the Timothy Two materials, and that they, in turn, are now using Timothy Two materials to train leaders in small village churches in the Peruvian jungle.

(Above) Generation 1 groups that Beth and I trained in Pamplona Alta (Lima area)

(Above) Generation 2 group that Pastor Luis trained in his church in the Lima area

(Above) Part of the generation 3 group that Juanfrancisco Castro Medina is helping to train in the Peruvian jungle

(Above) Generation 3 churches in two jungle villages whose leaders are being trained using Timothy Two workshop materials by Pastor Luis, his wife Lily and others

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