Guatemala: Dan Returning after 45 Years

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

I’m returning to Guatemala for the first time in 45 years! On February 4, 1976, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake caused many adobe church buildings in the Guatemalan countryside to collapse. The following summer, I spent eight weeks with Teen Missions International helping to rebuild three of those structures with a team of 30 students and 4 adults using steel and concrete blocks. See photos below of the construction of those churches.

Next week I go to begin teaching a series of workshops for pastors with Timothy Two Project International. And I hope to be able to visit those churches and some members of the missionary family that coordinated our work.

Check out my Latin America Blog for more information on how we provide onsite training for indigenous pastors who have little or no access to formal theological education.

The first of 3 buildings going up in 1976
Putting on the roof
The second of 3 buildings going up
Striking the joints
The third of 3 buildings at completion. We participated in the commissioning service to celebrate the opening of the new building. A separate commissioning service was held in all three buildings.
Where we slept every night for 8 weeks – in tents on a hillside in a cow pasture – 3 people to a tent
The missionary family of Pastor Paul Philippi that coordinated our work in Guatemala
The home of Guatemalan national Isaac Ruiz who lived near the site of the first church
Market day in the town of Poaquil. It was the nearest town from where we were camped – a 7 mile walk on Saturdays.

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