Notes from Mike Ashcraft on Church Planting

Notes from a recent meeting with Mike Ashcraft, pastor of Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC. Not direct quotes, but a summary of our conversation about church planting.

1. The vision for founding of PC3: a church for people who are not sure about God

2. Must have a clear VISION

  • everything flows from that
  • say only things that are true
  • be clear on your mission
  • ask yourself, “what do you want to happen to those people?”
  • ask, “whose mission is it? is it everyone’s or just the pastor’s?”
  • know who you are
  • when you reach a barrier: ask, “what’s really happening here?”

3. A great church is known by the IMPACT it has on the community

  • is it mobilizing people into ministry?
  • staff should not be doing something a volunteer could be doing
  • move from maintenance to mission
  • not just volunteering but owning the ministry
  • ask how you can leverage your influence for greater impact

Categories: Church planting, Missional church

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