Notes from Richard Pratt on Missional Applications of Being Created in God’s Image

Notes from Rev. Ken Priddy’s summary (fall Presbytery) of Dr. Richard Pratt’s (RTS Orlando, addresses at General Assembly this past summer.

1. Main theme – your value is in your creation in image of God

  • we have value bc we are made in image of God
  • don’t have to compete with each other
  • we are God’s “self-portrait” (Eph 2:10)
  • God expressed himself by creating people

2. Missional application

  • people have great value bc of image of God
  • why isn’t the call getting out?
  • bc we don’t value people “out there”
  • bc we aren’t going/sent (Rom 10) to them, to let them hear
  • we want the lost to come to us, but we must go to them

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