Churches Reaching Men

In reading some articles in a recent Outreach magazine (May/June 2010), I found a few interesting quotes and ideas about reaching men in today’s culture.

Kenny Luck says, “In the mind of the average man, the church is where you go to learn how to be nice…but nice won’t cut it.” “There’s a reason a young boy puts on a Spiderman or Batman costume. He wants to grow up to be good – and dangerous.” “I look at every man like a box of dynamite. It’s not a question of whether a guy has power or not; it’s a question of what kind of influence he will leave.” “The most fundamental dream of a man’s life – to be someone great doing great things…”

Ministry to men must 1) attract, 2) transform and 3) unleash a man with a powerful mission in the world.

Attraction can take many forms, but they must resemble masculine culture. Some examples of attraction events include: sporting events such as hunting, fishing, rock climbing, kayaking, martial arts, shooting clay pigeons, blowing things up, iron man and other competetive events, worship services that resemble the masculine rituals of a football game, etc.

Transformation can take place through teaching that communicates to men includes images like the “Lion of Judah engaged in the great spiritual battle of the cosmos”… “sermons based on men in the Bible who were risk takers, giant killers, ark builders, and roof breakers,” the “work of Christ who channeled the power of the universe through the cross of sacrifice for the redemption of others.” It can also take place through graduated small groups with deepening levels of intimacy and transparency.

Finally, men must be unleashed in ministries that make a real difference in the world.

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