More Missional Ideas from Outreach Magazine

A list of ideas from the March/April 2010 issue…

  1. Reaching 20-somethings
    1. Do the church’s leaders exhibit the fruit of the Spirit?
    2. Is there a concern for justice and compassion in your community and world?
    3. Are you involving emerging generations in key, influential leadership roles in the church?
    4. Do people in the church see themselves as “missionaries” in their daily lives focusing on relationships rather than on events?
      1. Small groups focus on how they can help care for and produce more healthy disciples who are on mission
      2. Adult education focuses on how its classes can help equip and train disciples to be on mission in their world, etc
    5. Do our leaders teach doctrines and truth – with humility?
    6. Does our church’s decision-making process revolve around mission and evangelism?
  2. Health clinic – free or affordable health care to uninsured or underinsured
    1. “when people see what we’re doing they want to get involved with their time and money”
    2. free physicals for local athletes, sliding-scale fee schedule for uninsured patients
    3. Driving patients to and from appointments
    4. Administration
    5. Dental care
    6. Vision care
  3. Small groups committed to long term service
  4. Work mentally challenged individuals in assisted-living home
  5. Raking leaves for elderly
  6. Cleaning up neighborhoods
  7. Faith in Action Sunday – cancel services and perform community service projects
  8. Home repairs and yard work for seniors
  9. Build Habitat for Humanity homes
  10. Help with group home for kids
  11. Collect donated items for crisis pregnancy or hurricane victims
  12. Learn about global poverty thru
  13. Aid for the native American community
    1. Supplies – donate blankets, meat, firewood, candles
    2. Services – pedicures, haircuts, doctor house calls
    3. Employment – opened soup kitchen to provide employment
  14. Survey local leaders – mayor, police chief, community leaders re needs of community
  15. Affordable, enriching children’s programs – after school art program
  16. Providing gaming systems such as Wii, Playstation 3, etc for youth
  17. Disaster relief for those who can’t go:
    1. Organize a hands-on relief project people can do togehter and send donations the area in need
    2. Find people in your area with ties to those in the affected area and ask what they need
    3. Distribute seed money in increments of $5, $10 or more and challenge people to use the seed money to raise money for disaster relief
  18. continue on pg 105

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