“We Will Worship” Presented by the Myrtle Grove Celebration Choir & Festival Orchestra

Live recording of a musical composed by Dennis Jernigan performed at Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, NC, May 4, 2001, conducted by Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Director of Music & Arts.

Great is the Lord Almighty with I Will Celebrate the Goodness of the Lord and Blessed Be the Name of the Lord. Solos: Glen Davis, Lisa Register

The Lord is My Strength

Holy is the Lord

You Are My Glory with When the Night is Falling. Solo: Troy Morris

You Are My All in All with I Will Praise You. Solo: Linda Shafer

Thank You, Lord with We Will Worship the Lord of Glory. Solos: Fran Butts, Troy Morris

This Is My Destiny. Trio: Paula Holland, Sue Hollingsworth, Mary Nyenhuis

We Are Strong in the Lord with I Belong to Jesus and Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus. Solo: Glenn Davis

Who Can Satisfy My Soul with At the Name of Jesus, We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory and You Are My All in All. Solo: Beth Sonnenberg

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