“Celebrate Jesus! Myrtle Grove Worship Songs of the 80’s and 90’s with Dan & Beth Sonnenberg”

Studio recording of contemporary songs and arrangements of traditional hymns for worship; arranged, orchestrated and recorded by Joann and Jon Guttman at John 3:16 Studios, 2001.

Solo Vocals: Dan and Beth Sonnenberg. Backing Vocals: Glenn Davis, Joann Guttman, Mary Nyenhuis, Lisa Register.

Blessed Assurance with In Moments Like These (Fanny Crosby and Phoebe Knapp, David Graham) Duet: Dan and Beth Sonnenberg

You Are My Hiding Place (Michael Ledner) Solo: Dan Sonnenberg

And We Worship You with Shout to the Lord (Randy and Terry Butler, Darlene Zschech) Solo: Beth Sonnenberg

Oh, I Want to Know You More (Steve Fry) Solo: Beth Sonnenberg

Give Thanks with As the Deer and Change My Heart O God (Henry Smith, Martin Nystrom, Eddie Espinosa) Solos and Duets: Dan and Beth Sonnenberg

Beautiful and Holy (Beth Sonnenberg) Solo: Beth Sonnenberg

Arms of Love (Craig Musseau) Solo: Beth Sonnenberg

God Will Make a Way (Don Moen) Solo and Duet: Dan and Beth Sonnenberg

Calling My Name with Draw Me Nearer Lord  (Joann Guttman, Joann Guttman) Solos and Duets: Solo and Duet: Beth and Dan Sonnenberg

This is the Day with Celebrate Jesus (Bob Fitts, Gary Oliver) Solo: Dan Sonnenberg

Create in Me with Glory to the Lamb of God (Dan Sonnenberg) Solo: Dan Sonnenberg

Sing Unto the Lord with The Trees of the Field (Unknown, Stuart Dauerman) Duet: Dan and Beth Sonnenberg

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