EPC Ordination Exams: General Exam Information, Reading List, Request for Ordination Exams Form

Follow this link to a Study Guide for Written Ordination Examinations: Theology, Sacraments, Reformed Tradition found on the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) website resources downloads page.

It contains sections entitled:

  • General Exam Information 
  • Theology, Sacraments and Reformed Tradition Exam
    • Scope
    • Types of Questions
    • Suggested Books and Resources for Study and Review
    • Topics for Review
      • Theology
      • Sacraments
      • Reformed Tradition
  • Reformed Reading List
    • Theology
    • Biblical Theology
    • Sacraments
    • Reformed Tradition
    • Office of the Minister
  • Request for Ordination Examinations Form

This document is published by:

Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Ministerial Vocation Committee
Office of the General Assembly
17197 N. Laurel Park Dr. Ste 567
Livonia, MI 48152-7912
734-742-2020 ◊ Fax: 734-742-2033

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