Online Modern English Westminster Shorter Catechism with ESV Proof Texts

by Daniel L. Sonnenberg

I‘ve been looking for an online modern English version of the WSC with ESV Scripture proofs for a long time and even started designing my own. I discovered it’s a lot of work and very time consuming. Alas, Martin Eagle has accomplished this feat based on Rowland S. Ward’s text, and it is found at the link below. Thanks Martin and Mr. Ward!!! 

Westminster Shorter Catechism in Modern English with ESV Scripture Proofs. Especially helpful is his outline of the contents of the Confession as seen below:


Provision of Redemption
Life’s Purpose and Holy Scripture – Questions 1 to 3


The One and Triune GodGod’s Eternal Plan



Sin in the Human Race

God’s covenant of Grace

Christ The Mediator

The Person and natures of the Mediator
    The three offices of Christ
    Christ’s state of humiliation
    Christ’s state of exaltation

– Questions 4 to 6- Questions 7 to 8

– Questions 9 to 10

– Questions 11 to 12

– Questions 13 to 19

– Question 20

– Questions 21 to 22

– Questions 23 to 26

– Question 27

– Question 28

Application of Redemption
God’s Effective CallBenefits in this life


Further Benefits

In this life
    At death
    At the resurrection

– Questions 29 to 31- Question 32

– Question 33

– Question 34

– Question 35

– Question 36

– Question 37

– Question 38


Duty of the Redeemed
The Moral LawBrief Summary
    Exposition of the ten commandments
    Transgression and Penalty

God’s command in the gospel

    Repentance Leading to Life

The Means of Grace

The Word of God
    The Sacraments


The Lord’s Supper


Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer

– Questions 39 to 40- Questions 41 to 42

– Questions 43 to 81

– Questions 82 to 84

– Question 85

– Question 86

– Question 87

– Question 88

– Questions 89 to 90

– Questions 91 to 93

– Questions 94 to 95

– Questions 96 to 97

– Questions 98 to 99

– Questions 100 to 107

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