Answers to Questions About Arts Fellowship Groups

Following are a few points to clarify some questions you may have regarding the arts fellowship groups concept.

1. What if I feel that I may not be “good enough” to participate in a group? We expect there to be ALL skill levels within the group, from beginnners to professionals.  Those who are beginners would not be considered inferior. This is NOT an American Idol – type competition! In fact, it is not a competition AT ALL. Rather, those who are more highly skilled, would be expected by the leaders to encourage those who are just beginning in their craft. An esprit de corps will develop in this group over time so that those who are more skilled or more mature in Christ will be the biggest rooting section for those who are new to the craft or newer in Christ.

2. Would it be okay if I simply observed one of the groups before participating actively in the group?  Yes! You would be able to come and observe a group to see what they’re doing and to see if you might fit in that group before making a commitment to the group. For example, if you are a performer of some type, you might come to several meetings of the performing artists group to hear and enjoy others’ playing, singing, acting, speaking, etc., and listen to the discussion. In time, you might feel you’d like to share something you’ve been working on.

3. Would I have to present some of my work every time we meet? No. You would choose when you are ready to present something to the group. You may need to work on something several months before you feel it’s ready to present to the group. Then again, you may want to present a partial or in-process part of your work to let others hear or see how it’s developing.

4. Will others critique or give me feedback on my work? That is optional. You may choose each time whether or not to receive feedback from the members of the group.  There are various ways feedback can be received. One of the more common forms is through short written comments from all the participants in the group who see or hear your work that evening. There are other forms as well. Each group will develop its own methods for feedback if desired.

5. Will the groups ever come together as a whole bringing all the arts members together into one place? Yes! There will be times when we want to simply have fellowship all together, just for a fun event. Or there may be an inter-disciplinary or inter-arts presentation or event that we’d all want to see or hear together. Or we may come together to put on an arts festival for the community. The sky is the limit!!!

6. Will there be genuine Christian fellowship and inspiration at these meetings or will they be just task-oriented? There will be a definite spiritual orientation with a group devotional time and time for fellowship built into every gathering. It will function more like a small group meeting than a rehearsal.

Do you have other questions or comments? If so, use the space below or email me at Thanks.

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