Arts Fellowship Groups

I’m interested in forming four creative arts fellowship groups or “guilds” at MG made up of people with similar interests, skills and passions. These groups or guilds would meet once a month initially for mutual encouragement in your craft and your Christian life. These groups would be organized around various sub-groups of the creative arts.

The four groups would be:

1) VISUAL ARTS such as painting, sculpture, jewelry, pottery, etc – these are primarily decorative arts;

2) DESIGN ARTS such as architecture, landscaping, stagecraft, furniture, webpage design, etc – these are primarily functional art forms;

3) PERFORMING ARTS such as singing, dancing, playing instruments, acting, speaking, etc. – these are primarily presentational art forms; and,

4) LITERARY ARTS – writing arts such as poetry, prose, songwriting, etc.

For example, the writers’ group would get together to share their latest writing projects with one another each month in an effort to encourage each other to keep writing and to help one another to improve their writing skills and try new forms of writing.

The performing arts group would get together to share songs, skits, dances, etc they are working on to encourage each other to keep practicing and learning and to improve their technical skills and confidence in performing.

The design group would gather to share their latest designs and the results of those designs thru photos or field trips to see a landscape, piece offurniture show building they designed.

The visual arts group would gather to show and discuss their lastest painting, drawing, piece of jewelry, pottery or bead work or sculpture.

I’m suggesting the idea of four simultaneous meetings on the 4th Thursday night of each month here at the church beginning in May. I’m not sure how we’d navigate the summer, but we may simply have our inaugural meeting in May, do some activites or meals together during the summer then resume meetings again in the fall. I’m open. My aim is  for our artists to be encouraged both in the art and in their Christian life together.

If you have an interest in any of these groups or would be willing to help faciliate a group, please let me know. Also, tell your friends about this!

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