Arts Fellowship

In May, we held our first arts fellowship with about a dozen attendees from several churches. Some heard about it on the radio, others received my email invitation.

Violinist Beverly Andrews spoke about her involvement as the current concertmaster with the Wilmington Symphony, about playing for local weddings and memorial services and as a teacher of younger students. At every turn, she demonstrated some of the types of playing she does to our delight. She especially emphasized the importance of practicing her instrument and being prepared for the events she plays and encouraged others to do the same in whatever field of the arts.

We held a short informational meeting with the entire group and decided to format our meetings with 30 minutes for the opening presentation by one artist followed by 60 minutes in small groups and planned to meet once a month.

Since our numbers were relatively small, we met altogether in one small group in another room. In the process, we discovered that we had quite a number of writers, quite a few performers and one visual artist. Each person took a turn to tell a little about their work or read a few selections or show some of their work.

One of the members told how he has published his work through Amazon and has sold many copies in several places throughout the world. He spent a few minutes explaining the process of preparing a manuscript for publication through Amazon.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 17. Steve Curtis will be our featured speaker.

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