Arts Fellowship Comments

These thoughts came in from one of the participants in the recent Arts Fellowship:

1.I haven’t listened to Steve’s (Curtis) talk yet, but I was hoping to hear his testimony of how God developed his gift of writing and composing. Not sure what to add at this time…I know eventually, we will run out of people to have speak and play, so we will have to think of something to do together-plan worship arts classes or jam sessions,concerts, ministry? Will keep thinking about that.

2. I think it is healthy for artists to exercise music they have learned or written in front of other people. Not only does it boost one’s confidence again, it teaches us to tame the fright factor and channel it into the piece they are playing-the feedback is also valuable. Plus, its fun to hear other people play. You hear songs you might know and different interpretations of them-broadens your musical ears.

Name withheld until permission is granted

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