More Arts Feedback 2010

[G]et invovlved with the puppet ministry. They are having a event here. It is going to be a huge one. It is the 17th of July right here in Wilmington. The director of Stage Works theater is the head of this festival. She does alot of technical stage drama arts here in Wilmington. Thought that Beth from the children’s minisrty would like to go see what this is all about. Maybe we could learn about puppets too.

If interests peek up,,,, Maybe we could be the support for a new ministry of puppets here. by doing future graphic scenes for this puppet ministry and provide the sound etc. for puppet skits, at the church here. The director of this festival is really nice and we could learn alot about her tech, skills as a visual artist and drama skills and her bio. too! You would love to hear her story. She does a lot of shadowing visual drama behind a silk screen stage backdrop.

You may have heard of the Stageworks theater company?? Well she has all kinds of props that she uses to give the visual effect for the plays she does. She was the director of the “Lion the witch and the wordrobe ” that was done at Thailian Hall recently. in May. ?? I would love to have you meet her. She said she would come and talk and share some of her talent and gifts of how she does her talent and etc of what the drama and visual arts means to her. She has also performed on stage at Thailain Hall in big plays there as just an actor for the theater there. She is one of our favorites for director’s. Back to the puppet festival,,,,,,,, There is a parade here at 9AM. Saturday starting form the community art’s building to advertise the puppet festival etc coming soon in July. I might go the parade or be in it. give me your thoughts till later. She said that she would be available after the festival is over.

Submitted by Cymmy Leach

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