More Arts Feedback 2010

1. What new thing(s) would you like to see us do?

· Please consider the suggestions that are being sent in by all folks.
· Singing songs with the words- Blood of Jesus included. That is where the power is-in the Blood. (warfare)
· Choir sing more on Sundays. Maybe a worship musical later on in the fall or winter.
· Use the banner ministry in services. Have a teaching on this by Carol Worth or someone.
· Have a teaching on dancing before the Lord in songs.
· Song words displayed on the screen in back of the sanctuary when funds become available soon.
· Prayer time during practice. Pray for past relationships and hurts to be mended. Maybe Pastor Steve could come and pray with choir sometime.
· Fellowship and getting connected(emails/phone #’s)
· Choir or those willing to lead a jubilant praise and worship time on Wednesday night during the prayer time.
· Mission Outreach into the community with praise and worship.
· Don’t be timid to use more upbeat songs-contemporary
· Encouragement to the congregation to join the choir.

Have a moments or ministry, sign up tables outside, heavy finger foods to welcome them and returning choir members in the fellowship hall in the fall.

2. What would you like to see continued?

· Continue to alternate the teams and maybe having choir lead worship/sing anthem every other Sunday.
· Using the Planning Center to notify practices and songs.

3. What would you like to see changed?

Encourage/use more people who have a desire and passion to help lead worship on the worship teams. God commands us to use our talents, whether one, five, or ten talents. This also gives some ownership to the body of Christ as members are encouraged. Pastor Steve had a sermon awhile back on our passion in ministry.

On the worship team and choir, some voices have been louder than others. Blend and use the voices-even vibratos.

Practice more anthem songs instead of just one on the Thursday night we practice to be more prepared.

I read the blog and many of the suggestions are good. I had one more thought about one suggestions made with contacting Bill Saffo to do a ministry outreach downtown—Call Joey Gore and maybe their choir could join us at a time they are free.

Submitted by Nida Langston

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