More Arts Feedback 2010

1. What new things(s) would you like to see us do?

a. Increase the diversity of the music to reflect different musical types, much like your “Arts Fellowship” seminars. We have tons of individual talent at our church that we could utilize for special music. We could have designated Sunday music types. For instance we could have a Gospel Sunday with good old time gospel music. I believe a Sunday of Jewish Music both traditional and some Contemporary would be well received. Maybe we could somehow tie it to an activity with the church body.

b. I enjoyed singing with our youth and would like to see us do that again. I think by doing songs together, there may be more future involvement in the choir.

c. It would be nice to have some more a cappella pieces.

2. What would you like to see continued?

a. I have enjoyed singing with the Praise Bands and hope we continue that.

3. What would you like to see changed?

a. Without sounding too critical, many of our choir practices contain too much time trying to determine which verses and endings to sing. Can this be decided prior to practice so the information is already added to our music? Instrument tuning and sound should also at least be 90% adjusted. Music should be checked for correct key so we do not get half way through a song to discover not everyone has the music in the same key. All of these should be considered precursors prior to a successful Choir Practice. [I accept the blame and take the responsibility for making any needed changes to these things – Dan S].

b. Our Choir resources are limited in number. The music chosen should be considered based on who will be available to sing. Some of the special music seems too complicated for such a small group. As you know, we constantly key off each other for those parts we are weakest. If we have no one to key on, nothing comes out of the mouth.

c. Add additional lead time for special music to learn parts.

4. What would you like to see discontinued?

a. Can we put up the music from the Glorious Day Musical for a while?

5. Other?

a. Our church has invested in a really nice sound system and many times it sounds inferior, even when I am not participating, but in the body worshipping. [We] might [need] installation of additional speakers, sound suppressors/dampeners in the back to reduce echo, or other recommendations.

Submitted by James Potter

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