Colombia: National Missionary Partner Completes 3rd Timothy Two Workshop in Quibdó

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

Rafael Meza Batista, a pastor I trained several years ago in Cartagena, traveled once again to the city of Quibdó in the Department of Choco, Pacific zone of Colombia, to continue training pastors and ministry leaders. On this trip, he taught Timothy Two’s Workshop 3, “Trusting God,” a practical study of what the Bible says about relationships, social issues and personal issues.

Comments from Rafael (translated from Spanish)

Thanks to the Lord for his rich blessings in the city of Quibdó, a time of fellowship and study for the growth of the city’s pastoral body. The third workshop was a confrontational experience, in leading the pastors to a much more experiential ecclesiastical vision, in relation to the theme raised by the workshop, which assumed each theme as a response to the concerns that as a pastor we face every day in the pastoral practice.

Participant Testimonials (translated from Spanish)


I want to express to you, Pastor Rafael, and to all the mentors of the Ministry my most sincere gratitude for the commendable work that you carry out so that our ministerial training grows. Thanks to our BELOVED GOD. This training is very important to me because it has brought new knowledge to my life that even influences my internal and external behavior due to the quality of its teachings. Your way of teaching is excellent, my Dear Pastor, as well as the methodology and dynamics. I also like the way it is handled in a group so that learning is pleasant because time is not burdensome. The study material is also very good, the presentation and layout of the workshop and the spiritual content of the lessons. I am satisfied with this study and very grateful to you for your willingness to bring new training opportunities to this land of Choco.


I express my gratitude to the INTERNATIONAL organization TIMOTHY TWO, the
Love and Vision of God, sowing in the lives of the pastors and leaders of Quibdó Choco in Colombia. The developed methodology was very explanatory and didactic. There was time for debate in each module, we deepened and presented our points of view, to reach the conclusion and clarity of the subject. Each theme was of great relevance to my life and daily performance. How to be the mother that God wants me to be, learning to foster and nurture that love for my children.


Thank you for your disposition and time with us God multiply you greatly. I thank God Most High first of all, the ministry and Pastor Rafael Mesa, for his disposition, willingness to bring us excellent and important training, since they have been relevant to deepen and reaffirm the knowledge and spiritual growth in my personal life, knowing that with Christ we are more than conquerors; in obedience and
putting his word into action. God bless you, Pastor, and your family as well.


I thank God in the name of Jesus, declaring with my mouth, that for me this knowledge that I have received at this time, is a great blessing for my life, family, church and the social context where God allows me to serve him. I was able to learn many things where I am totally sure that I can get out of some mistakes due to lack of knowledge and also, I know that with God’s help I will not make them again. I think that in this time learning from this great project has helped me move forward. For Professor RAFAEL LISANDRO, an excellent professor with good methodology in the teaching and learning process. I ask God to bless this great project. Thank you very much and blessings.


Each theme was of great relevance to my life and daily performance. How to be the
mother that God wants me to be, learning to foster and nurture that love for my
children. How the church body of Christ always be grounded in faith. Thank you for your disposition and time with us God multiply you greatly.


The third level workshop was an experience of great foundation, always leading me
to affirm my decision to follow Christ, knowing that serving him is more than a duty, it
is part of our essence, it is knowing and understanding that the Spirit of God is within
me, and that everything I do must be in Jesus Christ, that giving up the world and its
passions and desires is not easy, but I am sure that by following and serving him is a great blessing of faith and hope for myself, family, ministry and everything I undertake. Thanks to the ministry and Pastor Rafael Mesa, for his availability to bring us this wonderful training.

Rafael (second from right) with his family

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