Re-Forma Workshop begun in Villa El Salvador, Peru

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

Last week, Peruvian facilitator, Dr. Daniel Eguiluz, and I introduced the Re-Forma workshop to these pastors and ministry leaders in Villa El Salvador, Peru. Daniel will meet with the group twice a month over the next 4-6 months until all have completed the assignments and received their certificates.

Two of the pastors traveled 15 hours by 4-wheel drive and bus from the village of Cachingarani in the highlands of Peru where they live as members of the indigenous Machiguenga people. National Missionary Partner, Luis Rojas Espinoza, will complete the Re-Forma workshop with these two pastors on future trips to Cachingarani.

Villa El Salvador, Peru Re-Forma group
Villa El Salvador, Peru Re-Forma group with their families

The city of Villa El Salvador is located on the outskirts of Lima surrounded by numerous shanty towns where immigrant families from central Peru and other countries are living.

Shanty town on the outskirts of Lima

Timothy Two Project International is partnering with Re-Forma to provide outcome- and impact-based biblical training for pastors who do not have formal theological training.

Re-Forma’s Vision is to ensure that millions of pastors and church leaders are biblically-trained by providing a recognized, global standard for outcome- and impact-based assessment. And their Mission is to serve informal and non-formal training programs worldwide by

  • Developing a system of affirmation for quality assurance
  • Helping to unify, simplify and complement the numerous ministry training programs
  • Providing a platform for outcome- and impact-based assessment
  • Encouraging and supporting start-up programs

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