El Salvador: Dan and National Partner, Helmuth Aguilar, Introduce Advanced Workshop for Pastors in Santa Tecla

Dan recently introduced, and Timothy Two’s National Missionary Partner, Helmuth Aguilar, facilitated an advanced workshop for pastors and ministry leaders with participants who have completed Timothy Two’s “Growing in Grace” series of four basic workshops.

The workshop provides practical, results-based Biblical training for pastors and ministry leaders. Re-Forma provides thirty-five outcomes which reflect what they believe pastors need to be able to know, do and be. Eleven of these outcomes are included in Timothy Two’s “Growing in Grace” series.

When all the outcomes are successfully completed over a number of months or years, participants earn a non-accredited, but internationally recognized, Certificate which confirms that the person is qualified to minister, irrespective of his/her previous education.

A variety of teaching/learning methods were used to introduce the outcomes because we recognize two principles about teaching and learning: 1) “teaching is causing someone to learn;” and, 2) “whoever is doing the talking is doing the learning.”

Many times, the large group was divided into small groups for study and discussion of a portion of an outcome followed by a representative from each small group bringing a summary of their discussion to the whole group. See slideshow below.

Sometimes, outcomes were illustrated through concept art.

Sometimes, outcomes were introduced or illustrated through role-plays and concept dramas.

Other times, outcomes were illustrated through debates, two-minute summaries and even songs. See and hear some short songs in the videos below.

Participants learned much and had fun during those several days together, and they look forward to continuing the workshop over the coming months.

Many thanks to Hilda Romero who served as the administrator for this workshop coordinating registration, printing workbooks, meals, expenses and many other details for the participants and leaders.

For more information about our work in Latin America, see our website: www.timothytwo.org/dan.

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