Guatemala: Pastors Workshop Series and Children’s Leaders Workshop Completed

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

Combined Pastors and Children’s Ministry Leaders Workshop Groups

Beth and I traveled to Guatemala in September to train pastors and children’s ministry leaders in San Miguel Petapa, a village on the outskirts of Guatemala City. Beth’s group included more than 20 participants from several local churches. And my group included 16 pastors, some from the local area and others from several hours away. Each morning we drove 1 hour and 45 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic to arrive at the church where the workshops were held. Fortunately, traffic was better in the afternoons. It made for long days, but was well worth the time and effort. All the participants were very grateful. 

Beth’s Children’s Ministry Leaders Group

Beth with children’s ministry leaders, interpreter and assistant 

Beth teaching with interpreter (left) and demonstrating a learning game (right)

Children’s ministry leaders preparing materials to teach lessons in teams on the final day

Dan’s Pastors Group 

Most of the pastors and ministry leaders have completed all four of the “Growing in Grace” series of workshops. But some need to make up one or two that they missed. When I return in several months we will award certificates to all who have completed the series.

Dan with pastors and interpreter

Dan teaching with interpreter

Pastors discussing the topics in Workshop #4, “Serving God: in the Church, in the Community and in the World.”

Other EPC Pastors Serving in Guatemala City

Beth and I also met with two other couples on our trip – Paul & Elizabeth Branch and Mark & Meghan Hunt. Paul and Mark are fellow pastors with me in our denomination ( Both couples are serving in ministry in Guatemala City. Paul Branch serves as the President of the Central American Theological Seminary. His wife, Elizabeth, is Guatemalan, and her parents worked at the seminary for many years in the past. Mark Hunt serves as the pastor of the Union Church of Guatemala and Meghan teaches fourth grade at a nearby Christian school. Both couples are helping us make connections with pastors in other Latin American countries that we hope will lead to teaching Timothy Two workshops in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua and more.

With Paul & Elizabeth Branch (left) and with Mark & Meghan Hunt (right)

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  • Sep 23: Dan – meeting with the Missions Team and host a display table at the Presbytery of the Coastal Mid-Atlantic meeting in Rocky Mount, NC
  • Oct 2: Dan & Beth – preaching and speaking for the International Ministry worship service at Trinity EPC in Florence, SC
  • Oct 9-14: Dan – teaching Workshop #4 in Cojutepeque, EL SALVADOR
  • Nov 1-8: Dan & Beth – teaching workshops in Cartagena, COLOMBIA 
  • Nov 12-26: Dan – teaching Workshop #3 with Youth Leaders in PANAMA 
  • Jan 15-21: Dan & Beth – teaching workshops in Guayaquil, ECUADOR

Our Mission

Timothy Two Project International exists to serve a critical need around the world. We are committed to equipping and training indigenous pastors and ministry leaders with the essential truths of the Christian faith so that they can train others. This way, the mandate from Christ in the Great Commission to “make disciples” can be accomplished in areas of the world where there is little or no formal biblical and theological training available.


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