El Salvador: Pastors Workshop Series Completed

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

Graduates of the “Growing in Grace” series of workshops with their certificates

Working Around Hurricane Julia

Our plane had to fly around Hurricane Julia as it was making landfall in nearby Nicaragua to get us safely to the San Salvador airport in El Salvador. As I exited the airport, tropical storm force winds and driving rain pelted the taxi as we drove to the nearby hotel. As bad as it was in the center of the country, cities and towns on the eastern edge of El Salvador were getting even heavier rain causing rivers to swell to flood stage.

Video footage the next day portrayed residents treading water outside their homes located next to the Rio Grande River in San Miguel. At least 10 people in El Salvador died as a result of this storm during the second week of October. Officials said five Salvadoran army soldiers were killed after a wall collapsed on a house where they had taken refuge. Two other people were killed after a wall of their house collapsed due to heavy rain. Another person died of electrocution, while another person died after a tree fell on him. 

Rescue workers lift people into a boat after flooding from Hurricane Julia

Fortunately, our workshop was being held in Cojutepeque, which is closer to the center of the country and where there are no large rivers. So everyone was able to attend except for two participants who live in the flooded region. 

Completing Workshop 4, Awarding Certificates

At the conclusion of the workshop, we awarded certificates to 15 pastors and ministry leaders who completed all four Timothy Two “Growing in Grace” workshops which began 14 months ago. They represented 7 different Baptist Federation churches from 7 cities across the country. And several family members and friends attended the award ceremony. 

Participants with their families and friends

Testimonials from Workshop Participants

These workshops have helped me to grow in the knowledge of the Word and to have a deeper commitment in my work for God. It has been a great experience helping to build up my spiritual life. And I have delighted to fellowship with brothers and sisters from other congregations. With these four seminars I have received enough training to make disciples of others. I give thanks to God for the seminars, to our brother Sonnenberg for his teaching, to our translator brother Herbert and Pastor Jaime Peña who organized the seminars.

The seminars are a great blessing because they have helped our congregation to grow, they have helped us to understand things that we didn’t understand, and they have helped us build strong faith among our congregants. Personally, I have been blessed because my understanding has been opened.


Personally, it has helped me as much in the secular life as the spiritual. To learn about God is good, but it is even better to practice and to share it as well. Lately, I have had the privilege and the trust of my Pastor to preach in the church. The workshops have helped to provide materials for preparing the sermons. By this means I have had the privilege of sharing what I have learned in these seminars.  

These workshops helped me to gain new knowledge and to build good relationships with new brothers and sisters. The seminars have shown me how to approach some of the difficult problems in our community, and above all, they have enabled me to to gain knowledge about serving God. My gratitude to our brothers of Timothy Two. 


Upcoming Workshops & Events

  • Nov 1-8 CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA: Dan and Beth teaching the Re-Forma pastors’ workshop and the Children’s Ministry Leaders workshop
  • Jan 9-11 PANAMA: Dan teaching Workshop #3 with youth leaders via Zoom
  • Jan 15-21 GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR: Dan and Beth teaching the Re-Forma pastors’ workshop and the Children’s Ministry Leaders workshop
  • Feb 3-5 FLORENCE, SC: Dan and Beth teaching Workshop #1 for pastors and the Children’s Ministry Leaders workshop for the International (mostly Hispanic) Ministry at Trinity EPC
  • Feb 19-25 LIMA, PERU: Dan teaching the Re-Forma pastors’ workshop
  • Mar 11 CLEMMONS, NC: Speaking at First Christian Church of Clemmons


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