Summary of 2022 Timothy Two Workshops in Latin America

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

Dan & Beth Sonnenberg


Since 2016, Beth and I have served as Global Instructors with Timothy Two to train and equip pastors, ministry leaders and children’s ministry workers throughout Latin America.

I also serve as the Regional Director for Latin America to coordinate the work of our National Missionary Partners.

Workshops Completed in 2022

In 2022, Beth and I, together with our National Missionary Partners, taught 38 workshops in 9 nations with a total of 289 participants in Latin America. 

Groups trained by me and Beth in 2022

  • I taught a total of 12 workshops with groups in El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, and Colombia
  • Beth taught 3 workshops in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Colombia
  • Below are pictures of our groups

Groups trained by National Missionary Partners in 2022

Six of our National Missionary Partners taught a total of 23 workshops:

  • Leo Padrino taught 2 workshops in Cuba
  • Obed Michel taught 4 workshops in Haiti
  • Wisly Denis taught 5 workshops in Dominican Republic
  • Rafael Meza Batista taught 3 workshops in Colombia
  • Luis Rojas Espinoza taught 2 workshops in Peru
  • Helmuth Aguilar taught 3 workshops in El Salvador and 3 in Chile
  • Rafael Lopez Gomez taught 1 workshop in Guatemala
  • Below are pictures of their groups (except Guatemala)

Groups trained by other Global Instructors in 2022

In addition, some of our other Global Instructors taught workshops in Latin America this year.

  • Steve Curtis taught 4 workshops in Mexico
  • Mike Williamson taught 3 workshops in El Salvador
  • JR George taught 1 workshop in El Salvador
  • Below are pictures of their groups

Summary: 12 Instructors taught a grand total of 46 workshops in 10 nations of Latin America with 335 participants in 2022. To God be the glory!

Note: It might appear that the number of participants is low compared to the number of workshops. That’s because with each group of pastors and ministry leaders we teach 4 workshops in our “Growing in Grace” series covering 84 topics in doctrinal and practical theology.

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2 replies

  1. Glory to God in the highest and thank you Dan and Beth for your diligence and willingness to go and teach throughout the nations. Blessings to you both for this past year and going into 2023 with God as the power in your sails as you both man the helm.
    In Christ Jesus our Savior, who was, is and is to come,
    Al and Becky Smeilus


  1. Upcoming Workshops & Events for Sonnenbergs in the First Quarter of 2023 – We Are His Workmanship

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