Colombia: Children’s Ministry Leaders Workshop Completed, New Re-Forma Pastors Workshop Initiated

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

(Above) Combined Pastors and Children’s Ministry Leaders Groups

Heavy Rains and Flooding

We were hindered by heavy rains that flooded many streets and postponed the workshop twice during the week. But, praise God, we were able to complete both workshops in spite of the inclement weather!

Children’s Ministry Leaders Workshop

Beth taught a group of 16 children’s ministry leaders from 5 different local churches in Bible study methods, age-group characteristics, how to prepare lesson plans, how to develop a teaching curriculum, classroom discipline, how to tell a good story, and much more.

(Above) Beth with children’s ministry leaders group

Beth also taught participants creative Bible-based activities for teaching children using puppets, games, movement, drama and songs.

(Above) Beth demonstrating a Bible memory game using balloons

Throughout the week, the students created their own hand puppets and other teaching materials appropriate for use with children. 

(Above) Participants display puppets and other materials they created

On the final day of the workshop, students used these methods and materials to practice team-teaching their own lessons for the rest of the class while Beth evaluated their presentations giving constructive suggestions for improvement.

(Above) Students teaching the lessons they prepared

(Above) Beth with her interpreter Iliana Padilla Ortega (right) & Iliana’s mother (left)

New Re-Forma Workshop for Pastors & Ministry Leaders

I introduced the new Re-Forma workshop to 17 pastors and ministry leaders from 7 different local churches who previously completed Timothy Two’s “Growing in Grace” series of four basic workshops. Re-Forma is a results-based workshop with 35 outcomes that every pastor needs to be able to know, do and be. 

(Above) Pastors & ministry leaders group

 There are three major categories within the 35 outcomes: knowledge, ministry skills and personal character. Pastors need to gain sufficient knowledge about many biblical-theological topics; they need to develop skills in preaching, teaching, counseling, disciple-making, mentoring and leadership; and they need to develop and demonstrate godly character qualities including integrity, humility, compassion, welcome, forgiveness, kindness, hospitality and the fruit of the Spirit.

During the week, we began exploring the 35 outcomes together using a variety of learning methods including group study and discussions, oral summations, debate, graphic arts, drama, and songs. But this was only the beginning of the course.

A student illustrates an outcome on ethics

The Re-Forma course will continue for the next 6 months under the leadership of local pastor and National Missionary Partner Rafael Meza Batista who will serve as the facilitator. During bi-weekly 2-1/2 hour meetings with the entire group and many private phone conversations, he will assist them in completing the 35 assignments. At the conclusion of that time, and when the students have shown the facilitator they have successfully demonstrated all the outcomes, they will be awarded Re-Forma’s Certificate of Biblical Training for Ministry.

(Above) Beth and me with workshop coordinator, National Missionary Partner and Re-Forma facilitator Pastor Rafael Meza Batista & his wife Damaris Payares Ruz

Unlike most of Timothy Two’s other workshops, I can introduce this workshop to the participants, but I cannot serve as the primary teacher-facilitator. In order to assess the participants’ knowledge, competencies and the quality of their character, the facilitator needs to speak the same vernacular language, understand the culture, know the persons well, and spend much time with them. That is why we are utilizing our well-trained National Missionary Partners for this purpose. To date, some of our other National Missionary Partners have completed the Re-Forma workshop with groups in Panama, El Salvador and Chile. And our National Missionary Partners in Ecuador and Peru plan to facilitate Re-Forma early next year. 

(Above) With interpreter Andrea Quintero 

Timothy Two and Re-Forma have partnered together to create this workshop. Re-Forma provided the 35 outcomes and conducts their own Quality Assurance institutes in which those who teach the outcomes are given specific training in various aspects of the outcomes. Timothy Two staff members wrote and edited the text of the workbook that we are using with our groups. For more information about Re-Forma go to

Timothy Two Project International exists to serve a critical need around the world. We are committed to equipping and training indigenous pastors and ministry leaders with the essential truths of the Christian faith so that they can train others.

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