El Salvador: Dan Completes Second Workshop with Pastors and Leaders in the Federation of Baptist Churches

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

I returned to Cojutepeque, El Salvador last week to teach Workshop #2, “Loving God,” with a large group of pastors and leaders of the Federation of Baptist Churches of El Salvador.

Workshop participants and leaders

Before departing for El Salvador, I sent out a rather long list of prayer requests for this workshop because of the many logistical challenges it posed. Thanks be to God, all those prayers were answered in the affirmative. Below is a list of those requests and how they were answered.

1. Safety and timeliness in travel for the pastors and leaders. Eleven participants will be traveling to and from the workshop location on buses from 6 different cities. They will travel to the workshop city on Tuesday morning and travel back to their home cities on Thursday afternoon. All the participants who traveled on buses to the workshop arrived on time and returned home safely. 

2. No snags in the accommodations. Those same eleven participants, along with me, the workshop coordinator and the interpreter, will be staying in a reasonably priced local hotel in the workshop city. We hope to avoid any problems with our reservations and rooms. No problems with our hotel reservations or rooms.  

3.No snags in meal preparation and delivery. Because so many are coming from other cities, we are providing breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the participants each day. We hope that the meal providers will prepare and deliver the right number of meals at the appointed times. No problems with any of our meals. All arrived on time and in good order.

4.Efficient teaching times. Because so many are coming from other cities, in order to keep the cost of meals and accommodations low, we will be teaching Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning only. We want to teach and discuss all the material effectively in the time allotted.  We were able to teach all the lessons effectively in the days and times allotted.

5. Safety in travel as I drive to Raleigh on Saturday, fly to El Salvador on Sunday, am driven to the workshop location on Tuesday, am driven back to the airport hotel on Thursday, fly back to Raleigh on Friday, and drive home late Friday or early Saturday. All of my transportation connections were safe and on time. In fact, I was able to catch an earlier flight from Miami to Raleigh on Friday, so I was able to drive home Friday evening before it got too late. 

6. Protection from COVID-19. I want to stay infection free while I am there in order to avoid having to stay extra time in El Salvador. I tested negative for COVID on Thursday before my flight back home on Friday, so I did not need to stay any longer than planned.  

7. Timely COVID-19 testing. I must be tested less than 24 hours before I board the flight to return home. That requires taking the test early Thursday morning and getting the results back Thursday afternoon before driving to the airport hotel. I was able to get tested about 7:30am on Thursday and received the results before leaving the city to drive to the airport hotel Thursday afternoon. 

8. In all things God would be glorified and the churches in El Salvador would be strengthened by the Holy Spirit through the teaching of God’s Word! On the final day, after we completed the last lesson, all the participants – one by one – expressed their thanks to God, to me, to the interpreter, to the workshop coordinator and to their fellow participants for what they learned in this workshop and promised to pass it on to others in their churches when they get home.  In this, I believe, God was glorified and the churches will be strengthened. 

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