Costa Rica: Upcoming Exploratory Trip

Daniel L. Sonnenberg, Regional Director for Timothy Two Project International in Latin America

May 10-18 I am scheduled to make a first-time exploratory trip to Costa Rica in Central America. I will be joined by two National Missionary Partners, Helmuth Aguilar from El Salvador and Jaime Lopez from Guatemala.

(Above) National Missionary Partners assisting me in Costa Rica:
(Left) Helmuth Aguilar with wife Hilda (El Salvador),
(Right) Jaime Lopez with son Otto (Guatemala)

We plan to embark on a 5-city “tour” to meet with pastor association leaders in rural areas of the country where local pastors need more theological training. Most of the cities are a 3-4 hour drive one-way from our “base camp” in San Jose as seen on the maps below. 

San Isidro de El General – 3 hours 4 minutes drive
Nicoya – 3 hours 56 minutes drive
Rio Naranjo – 3 hours 42 minutes drive
Limon – 3 hours, 38 minutes drive

In each place we will explain: 1) the content of Timothy Two’s “Growing in Grace” series of four basic workshops; 2) the method our Global Instructors use to teach the workshops; 3) the role of the local Workshop Coordinator who invites local pastors to participate and provides the meeting place and the lunch meals; and, 4) the role of the National Missionary Partners who will be trained to teach in other cities throughout the country. 

And in one location, we will teach four sample lessons – one each from the four workshops. I will teach two lessons in English with Jaime as my interpreter, and Helmuth will teach two lessons completely in Spanish. 

Our hope is that we will be invited to return to each city to teach our workshops for pastors who need and want further theological training for the benefit of their churches and for the glory of God.

Many thanks to Otto Kladensky, Jr. and Oscar Fernandez, Costa Rican missionaries with TOPIC (Trainers of Pastors International Coalition) who have worked very hard to arrange these visits. 

(Above) Costa Rica exploratory trip coordinators and TOPIC missionaries:
(Left) Otto Kladensky, Jr. with his wife
(Right) Oscar Fernandez with his family

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